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7 hours ago

K Fit


Who’s ready for our fabulous night of EXTRA classes, which don’t feature on our regular timetable?? 🙋🏻‍♀️😅🎭🥊🔥👏🏼

🌟Hula Hooping, Step In Time AND Boxercise Masterclasses are now OPEN for bookings!!🌟

🧡 Let’s start with Hula!! 🧡

I LOVE the hula enthusiasm we have in our Bootcamp classes and we have also had some brilliant Hooping masterclasses in the past. I’m so excited to see you dust off your hoops again 😁 and if you CAN’T hoop yet then I’m pretty certain I can transform you into a Hula Champion by the end of the class! 🙌🏼

Here’s all the class details!

Friday 13th September
At Bushmead School (main hall)

Masterclass price: £7

As before, you will need to bring your own hoop. If you need a hula hoop I can advise the best hoop to get, I’ve found a range which are extremely good and for the best price (between £21-25 depending on the weight you choose). The hoops can be packed down and do not take up lots of space in your house, plus you’ll have it ready for future masterclasses!! 😁

Due to space needed there are only 🌟20 spaces🌟 in the class, which will be given on a first come first served basis.

🎭 And moving onto Step In Time!! 🎭

YES it’s back!! 🙌🏼 Expect songs from all your favourite musicals, incorporating the Aerobics Step to give you an amazing workout where we Rewrite The Stars, sweat it out in style, and co-ordinate ourselves Practically Perfectly...and All That Jazz!! 😁😍👏🏼

Here’s all the details!

Friday 13th September
At Bushmead School (main hall)

Masterclass price: £6

You will need to bring your own step with you, but again I’ve done my research and found a brilliant step at a low cost, complete with non-slip mat (£16). I’m 100% certain I’ll be running more Step In Time masterclasses in the future, and it may even pinch a space on the K Fit timetable, so it is worth the investment. 😁

There are only 🌟20 spaces🌟 available in this class. As ever, the spaces are given on a first come, first served basis.

🥊 And finally, let’s finish with Boxercise! 🥊

It’s all about the kit, and it’s time to get your sweat on and work on your strength and toning. I cannot wait to dust off the gloves and work on our power in this fun-filled, games and drills-galore class. Get ready to work!! 😅

(Boxercise is also great (and cheap) therapy!! 😆)

Here’s all the details!

Friday 13th September
At Bushmead School (main hall)

Masterclass price: £7

All the kit is provided for this class, but if you’d like to bring your own you are more than welcome to. Due to space needed there are only 🌟20 spaces🌟 in the class, which will be given on a first come first served basis.

To reserve your spaces in these classes please comment below or drop me a message!!


👯‍♀️ I’M SO EXCITED!!!! 👯‍♀️

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3 days ago

K Fit

Today’s #WednesdayWhy is about fat vs muscle, and why you should ditch your scales!! 🤔🤓

Take a look at the picture below ⬇️ as you can see, the mass of 5lb of muscle is much more compact than 5lb of fat. If you are using an exercise routine where you are building strength and muscle, you MUST NOT look at your scales for the result. As it says below - ‘the scale may not be changing as much as you are’! 😲

Taking your measurements is the absolute best way to track your progress. Admittedly I do still step on the scales but it’s more for me to compare the difference I see in the scales over the measurements - the measurements will always show the change where the scales may not. If you don’t wish to take your measurements you could go by how your clothes fit you instead.

Change the attitude: don’t lose weight, lose inches and increase muscle!! 😍💪🏼

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4 days ago

K Fit

Time for another #TestimonialTuesday!! 😍

Here’s Jean’s review on our Pilates classes. We limit all of our Pilates classes to a maximum of 12 people to ensure that there is plenty of floor space and so that as teachers we can give you a higher level of attention. 😌

We’re very lucky to be able to offer lots of Pilates in the area, to check out our timetable head to www.kdanceandfitness.co.uk/timetable.

Please drop us a message to book on - we would hate to turn you away so please contact us first to save disappointment! ☺️

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