At K Fit, we believe exercise should be enjoyable, effective and available to everyone!  Based at our K Fit Studio in St. Neots, we run a variety of mixed-ability classes for all ages.  Come and join our award-winning instructors for some fun fitness! 

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‘Best Fitness Instructor in Suffolk/Cambs 2022’

Hi! I’m Katrina, Head of K Fit and self-confessed exercise addict. At K Fit we’re all about getting people up and active, and implementing an active lifestyle. I love using exercise not only for a healthy body, but for a healthy mind. After a few tough experiences and confidence knocks I’ve realised how important exercise is for me and I want to help others feel the same, and notice the positive impacts that an active lifestyle offers.

We have a variety of exercise styles for you to try, so that whatever your fitness goal is it can be achieved on the K Fit programme.  All our classes are mixed ability, so whether you have experience or are just at the beginning of your fitness journey, you can achieve a good workout which is appropriate to your level.

There’s no time like the present; have a look around and boost your fitness lifestyle with K Fit!

If you’re unsure which workout will suit you best then just drop me a message and I’ll be happy to help.

Come and join the party with this Latin-inspired cardio workout!!

This class is great for blowing the cobwebs away and letting go.  You can’t help but wear a silly smile on your face.


Who’s feeling strong?  The Kettlercise programme provides a full-body workout using just one piece of equipment.  Once you feel the burn, you’re hooked!

Get ready to work hard to get that tummy you’ve always wanted!

Ab Attack is an express 30-minute workout which focuses on the deep core muscles.

A great class if you are struggling to find time to fit in your workouts.

The ultimate all-round class that teaches you the art of Contrology, the ability to engage the mind and body together and to fully condition the body.

 You will leave this class feeling revitalised, having stretched and toned your body.

Booking is required for all Pilates classes.

Click here for information on our ‘Private Pilates’ programme

All Pilates classes are held in small numbers to ensure everyone gets the most out of their workout.

With HIIT training being one of the quickest methods to burn fat, this express workout gives you interval timed exercises for optimum results!

K Fit’s express workout designed to tone and transform your body using different workout formats and loads of kit!

K Fit Ballet is the fusion of strength, conditioning and cardio fitness with the grace and elegance of Ballet movement.

We take the format of a ballet class and choreograph easy-to-follow fitness routines which will make you stronger, more mobile and more flexible. Expect to bend into those legs, jump high and hit the floor for an amazing core!!

Our specially devised Bootcamp course designed to challenge your fitness levels, tone up big time and get you fitter and stronger before your day starts!!

You can expect high intensity drills, partner work, loads of equipment and bucketfuls of sweat!!

Using the Pilates breathing method, a foam roller and spiky massage balls, we work deeper into the muscles to relieve tensions held in the posture from busy day-to-day tasks, and help these muscles return to optimum length.

This class currently does not have a regular space on our timetable, please get in contact to find out our next class details.

Our Pilates class where the exercises are adapted to work from a chair instead of getting to the floor.

The bring-your-baby Pilates class which encourages recovery after birth with deep core rehabilitation, strengthening joints and muscles, and stretching areas of your body that tighten with lifting/carrying your baby.

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2 days ago

K Fit
Its Photo Friday! 📸On the left: Me, who sweats a normal amount in a Zumba class (sweaty scruffy mess by the end!)On the right: Sue Poo. Who works hard but defies all science with her lack of sweat! Two things I wanted to say today - first is appreciation for this wonderful member of our K Fit Team, who does a cracking job week in week out at making sure you’re all signed in safely and that the building is secure. Love you Sue Poo! 😘Secondly - WOW, there has been a lot of sweat in the studio this week! 😅😅 Well done everyone, if you can do your exercises on a week like this, you can do ANYTHING!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼Hope you enjoy the sunshine for as long as it lasts 😎🤞🏼 have a fab weekend! ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

K Fit
We’re talking about all the benefits of Chair Pilates today (and some NEW Chair Pilates class info!) 🤩I love this class because it actually takes ALL the benefits of a mat Pilates class and makes them accessible to anyone who isn’t comfortable getting to the floor 😍 so let’s list these benefits! 🙌🏼 better posture🙌🏼 improved mobility and flexibility 🙌🏼 improved core strength🙌🏼 improved balance 🙌🏼 lower blood pressure🙌🏼 improved whole-body strength 🙌🏼 stronger immune system 🙌🏼 better control over movements 🙌🏼 improved co-ordination There are more benefits 🤩 these are just my favourite!We are running a smaller Chair Pilates programme through the summer holidays, BUT when we return in September we are not only reopening our two regular classes, we are opening a NEW class too! Here are the class details; 🧡 *NEW* Tuesdays at St James Church, Little Paxton, 11.30am-12.15pm💚 Wednesdays at St James Church, Little Paxton, 1.45-2.30pm💙 Thursdays at St James Church, Little Paxton, 10.30-11.15amOur next 6 week courses start from Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September and run for 6 consecutive weeks, £30 course fee. Our booking link is bookaby.me/kfit - for an individual course link please drop us a message. Our availability is limited as we ensure sure there is comfortable space between each class member. Please help us spread the word to anyone you know who could benefit from these classes! ☺️ ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

K Fit
Happy Monday everybody, and to start another active week, here’s my next reason why I/we choose K Fit! ✅ A scheduled day/time is good to help build a routine ✅I would always prefer to book myself in for a specific class so that I know when I need to be there - instead of heading to the gym or heading out for a run where I can go at any time. I’ll just let myself off the hook too easily because there are other things to get done! I am absolutely a routine girl and when it’s in the diary, it happens. If not, something else is likely to be prioritised! I’ve planned to share loads of reasons why I choose K Fit for the rest of the year, but I’m always keen to hear yours too! If you agree with this week’s reason then please pop a comment below ⬇️ and if you have more reasons to add to my list then I am always keen to hear them! ☺️Timetable: kdanceandfitness.co.uk/timetableBooking: bookaby.me/kfit ... See MoreSee Less
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All our classes are based on a mixed ability level, so whether you are experienced or are coming to a class for the first time, you can achieve the workout you are looking for!!

There’s no time like the present; get in contact today and find the right class for you!!

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