At K Fit, we believe that exercise should be enjoyable, effective, and available to everyone!  Alongside our range of local classes we also provide online fitness courses AND our very own exclusive K Fit Club so that you can find the fitness regime that will work for you. 

We have a variety of exercise styles for you to try, so that whatever your fitness goal is it can be achieved on the K Fit programme.  All our classes are mixed ability, so whether you have experience or are just at the beginning of your fitness journey, you can achieve a good workout which is appropriate to your level.

There’s no time like the present; have a look around and boost your fitness lifestyle with K Fit!

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Come and join the party with this Latin-inspired cardio workout!!

This class is great for blowing the cobwebs away and letting go.  You can’t help but wear a silly smile on your face.


Who’s feeling strong?  The Kettlercise programme provides a full-body workout using just one piece of equipment.  Once you feel the burn, you’re hooked!

Booking is required for this class.

Ladies, it’s time to come and shake it like there’s no tomorrow!!  

Burlesque Fitness is a sexy, sultry dance fitness workout which combines cardio, toning and stretching…but you’ll be having way too much fun to realise this!!

This class is guidelined at age 18+.

Get ready to work hard to get that tummy you’ve always wanted!

Ab Attack is an express 30-minute workout which focuses on the deep core muscles.

A great class if you are struggling to find time to fit in your workouts.

The ultimate all-round class that teaches you the art of Contrology, the ability to engage the mind and body together and to fully condition the body.

 You will leave this class feeling revitalised, having stretched and toned your body.

Booking is required for all Pilates classes.

Click here for information on our ‘Private Pilates’ programme

All Pilates classes are held in small numbers to ensure everyone gets the most out of their workout.

This fantastic class give you a whole body workout, focusing on your agility and reaction times, cardio fitness, and overall strength, enabling you to work on muscle definition without getting bulky.

Lots of partnerwork will take place as we work with pads and gloves…my gosh is it good therapy!

Buggy Bootcamp is a fantastic fitness programme which allows parents to get fitter without the worries of leaving their child, or the cost of a babysitter!

These sessions will help mums get back to their pre-pregnancy fitness and further, with the class being tailored to cater for all abilities.

With HIIT training being one of the quickest methods to burn fat, this express workout gives you all timed exercises for optimum results!

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Make the decision EVERY morning to get up, and make your bed.

I’ve got goals to push forwards with and they start from the word go.

Tidy bed = tidy mind! 👏🏼

Is it wrong that I’m PUMPED for this evening’s classes at 9am!?

Did YOU make your bed this morning?? 🧐

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Exactly this!! We all have busy, busy days which can turn into weeks and months. Make sure you take some nice deep breaths and have time for you too. ☺️

What helps you relax? For me, I know Pilates always helps me calm my thoughts. 😌

#TimeForYou #Importance #BeMindful #PutYourselfFirst #KFit

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#MondayMotivation!! 🙌🏼

Today we’re talking about excuses, barriers and how to overcome them 😁👊🏼

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All our classes are based on a mixed ability level, so whether you are experienced or are coming to a class for the first time, you can achieve the workout you are looking for!!

There’s no time like the present; get in contact today and find the right class for you!!

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