We all have different motives which make us exercise. We may want to feel fitter, see visible results, or even gain strength to help your body recover from something. Some people exercise simply to have time to themselves and for the enjoyment of it – that is FINE! However, if you do want to start getting results, it is important to set GOALS.

I was always taught that your goal needs to be SMART;
Specific – be sure of what you want.
Measureable – make sure there is a way of knowing when you’ve reached your goal.
Attainable – make sure this goal is realistic to you – you want to be able to reach it!
Relevant – is the goal definitely relevant to you? Do you want to run a marathon or would you rather have better overall cardio fitness?
Timely – SET A DEADLINE. You are more likely to take action with a date to complete your goal by.

Your goals can either be short, medium or long term; I’d go for one of each. Grab a pen and paper and write yours down now. What do you want to achieve? Once you’ve decided, tell someone about it. Saying it out loud means you’re more likely to go ahead and work towards it.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Katrina

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