Regret weighs more than fear

Every time I get a bit scared I always come back to this quote.

I devote a lot of my time to developing my online course, which has absolutely no guarantee that it’ll be successful. This has been extra work for the last few months at the risk of it not being the outcome that I’m hoping for.

But even if the project fails, I know I won’t regret it.

There’s always the fear that something could go wrong, but you never know unless you try.

Even if your fear does come true, I’m sure there’s a positive that you can take along the way that may even point you in new directions.

Another great saying – my little sister is my bestest friend in the whole world, and whenever we have big decision to make we always ask ‘What Would Pocahontas Do?’ Let me tell you (and any Disney fan would know), she’d take the winding river instead of the straight and narrow path, and it doesn’t matter where it ends. Feel free to giggle, we have a laugh about it too but it makes so much sense, right?

I want to promote fitness and exercise to be enjoyable and effective for all, and the importance of a healthy mind and confidence.

Whatever it is you want to do, don’t regret not doing it. Of course I can put this in a view of exercise – whether you want to drop a dress size, or run a marathon, but it works for EVERYTHING. Whether you want to travel the world, get a promotion, or even quit your job to build a business around something you’re passionate about (speaking from experience ), don’t regret not doing it.

And by the way, I’ve NEVER heard anyone say they regret their workout.

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