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2 days ago

K Fit
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2 days ago

K Fit
Ohh hello March! 🌺🌸 Bring on the lighter evenings and sunnier days, it’s a great time to reassess your plans and have a new focus for the month!! Sending you all the Well Wishes we can from afar, if you need any help with any of your fitness plans please just drop us a message. ☺️kdanceandfitness.co.uk ...
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3 days ago

K Fit
This month's Class of the Month is...TOTAL TONE!! 😍🔥💪🏼A frequent question I'm often asked is 'what actually is Total Tone??' - I LOVE this question. Simply put, this is a toning and conditioning class. It's ran by our fabulous Tasha, we kept the name of the class very open so that we could just unleash Tasha and let her be creative!! And she certainly does an excellent job at that. Just turn up and expect to feel some muscle burn!! 🔥🔥🔥At the moment while we're online, Tasha just uses body weight exercises or light weights (cans of soup work perfectly), but when we're back at our halls other kit can be used too. Tasha always uses loads of different exercise formats too, so the classes can be really varied, which we feel adds to the fun of it! 🤩👏🏼🔥 Total Tone runs every Tuesday 🔥6.45-7.15pm£3.50 per classThis class is online-only for the time being, when we are on location, this class runs at Bushmead School.For further information on any of our classes please get in contact! 😁 ...
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All our classes are based on a mixed ability level, so whether you are experienced or are coming to a class for the first time, you can achieve the workout you are looking for!!

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    All classes on the K Fit timetable running online through lockdown.