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19 hours ago

K Fit

Today’s #ShowcaseSunday is all about having time to stretch and relax. 😌

Our Pilates for Back Pain video showcases some of my favourite stretches to ease the pressure that our back, neck and shoulders take over time. Have a go at home and see if you can feel a difference. 😍

m.youtube.com/watch?v=s-jFU42IaAgThe top 5 exercises you should be doing to relieve your back pain. Don't live with it - do something about it!! #PilatesNotPainkillers #KFit

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19 hours ago

K Fit

Fitness Photo Challenge Day 10! 📸

Because at K Fit we have the ‘time of our lives’ 😉😍

Hope you’ve enjoyed my 10 days, it’s been really fun looking through all my photos and videos, we have had some brilliant times haven’t we!? 🤩🥰

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2 days ago

K Fit

Fitness Photo (and video!) Challenge Day 9! 📸🎥

I’m going to break the rules on this one and explain it, because I feel it deserves it. Alongside all my K Fit classes I also teach for an amazing company called Bedazzle Inclusive Theatre (find their page at BiT by BiT). We teach performing arts to adults with learning disabilities and these guys always remind me that I should be less self-conscious and just express myself. This group also teach me on a weekly basis how to be a better teacher and to have a higher level of patience and understanding.

While they really are their own individual personalities they are also the fiercest and most loyal team. While I work hard to grow K Fit I will always always have time for this group.

*Definitely watch with sound on and watch to the very end!!*

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