K Fit Returning to Community Halls Guidelines

Here are our guidelines to ensure that we return to our group sessions as safely as we can during Covid-19.

These are in compliance with the government guidelines that have been issued for the re-opening of indoor gyms and fitness studios.

  • We are operating to the social distancing guidelines that specify that each client has their own socially distanced space to work in. This means that we will have fewer spaces in our classes (spaces depend on the size of each hall). These spaces will be marked out by floor dots.
  • We will also have our live video stream set up for clients to take part in their class at home. This helps us include more people in the class now that the spaces are limited, as well as reaching out to our clients who don’t yet feel ready to join the group, those who are vulnerable, and those who are self-isolating due to Test and Trace.
  • Where one class follows another, we ask the clients who have just completed their class to vacate the hall quickly, and for clients in the next class to wait outside in a socially distanced queue until the instructor invites them into the room. Please follow signage to help us queue safely.
  • Rooms will be cleaned prior to our classes starting, and instructors will wipe down surfaces and door handles between sessions.
  • Where possible, we will enforce a one-way system in the hall so the entrance and exit are separate.
  • Hand gel will be provided at all classes, and there are also hand washing stations available in the hall toilets.
  • All clients and staff are encouraged to arrive and leave in their sports gear.
  • Music will be quieter to avoid voice projection from instructors.
  • Instructors will be able to see front profile of all clients and have a corridor down the middle of the room to check side profiles. No hands-on corrections will be carried out.
  • We are operating on a book-in-advance basis only and will not be accepting any walk-ins. Cash is not accepted and all class payments must be made via BACS payment.
  • Equipment – we are asking our clients to bring their own kit as much as possible.
  • For Pilates, please bring your own mat/towel, block/cushion and band (please contact us if you do not own these).
  • For Kettlercise, please bring your own mat/towel and kettlebell. Hire of our kettlebells is still available, spray and blue roll will be provided to clean your kettlebell before and after use.
  • For K Fit Ballet, Ab Attack, Total Tone and HIITstop, please bring your own mat/towel.
  • Total Tone and HIITstop are limited to weights only as they can easily be wiped down.
  • As before Covid-19, we do not allow spectators to our classes.
  • We ask that if you feel unwell, you do not attend your class.
  • If one of our instructors has to self-isolate, their class will be moved back to video streaming only until they are safe to return to the group setting.
  • Only fresh air can be circulated by opening windows and doors, fans are not permitted.
  • Face masks – it is not recommended that you wear any face covering while exercising. This is because you need to be able to breathe freely without any restriction. The guidelines reassure that adhering to social distancing and hand washing are adequate measures to run safe fitness classes through this time.

Hall booking Cancellation Policy

As our spaces in the hall are so limited, we are introducing a 24 hour notice period for cancellation.

If you cannot make the class and let us know with more than 24 hours’ notice, your space can be refunded or you can move your booking to anything else on the timetable (hall bookings permitting). If there is less than 24 hours’ notice, your booking can be moved to anything else within a 1 week period – this is up to but not including the same class the following week (hall bookings permitting). If another class isn’t rebooked within that timeframe, unfortunately we cannot refund your booking.

We will continue to watch the government guidelines and update our running operations to suit. We are so excited to return to our group locations and hope that whether you wish to remain online or come and join us at the halls that you enjoy exercising safely with us.

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5 hours ago

K Fit
Our 🌟 Chair Pilates 🌟 classes in Little Paxton are almost full for after the May Half Term! What is Pilates..? 🤔We always call Pilates the MOT for our bodies. With a comfortable mix of strength and mobility exercises, the slow controlled movements you learn in Pilates help you hold your posture better, strengthen your muscles and engage your core muscles, and keep your body supple.What is Chair Pilates..? 🤔This is our Pilates class where the regular floor exercises are adapted to working from a chair! We appreciate that exercising from the floor is not suitable for everyone. Chair Pilates is where we have adapted our exercises to work from either a standing or seated position, so you can still achieve a full-body exercise routine without having to get to the floor. 😍🌟 Our next Chair Pilates courses start after the May Half Term! 🌟Here’s all the details!At St James Church, Little Paxton💚 Wednesdays 1.45-2.30pm - 1 space available!💚 Thursdays 10.30-11.15am - 4 spaces available! Our courses start from Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June and run for 6 weeks, £30 course fee.All our Pilates classes are held in low numbers to ensure a high quality of teaching and ample space.🌟To reserve a space please drop us a message!🌟 ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

K Fit
Happy Monday everybody, and to start the week on a positive, here’s my next reason why I/we choose K Fit! 💪🏼 To keep myself strong for Nola 💪🏼My baby girl will be 1 in 2 weeks (I’m not crying, you are 😭), and she’s a weighty little bundle of dribble and giggles! She loves to be held on my hip and I spend a lot of time assisting her. So when I’m doing my classes I’m always conscious that the stretches will help me with the strains I take from looking after Nola, and the strength work is necessary to help me continue to carry her as she grows and changes every day! I’ve planned to share loads of reasons why I choose K Fit for the rest of the year, but I’m always keen to hear yours too! If you agree with this week’s reason then please pop a comment below ⬇️ and if you have more reasons to add to my list then I am always keen to hear them! ☺️Timetable: kdanceandfitness.co.uk/timetableBooking: bookaby.me/kfit ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

K Fit
🌟 June/July Daytime Pilates courses from our beautiful K Fit Studio are almost full! 🌟We believe Pilates practice is one of the best services you can give your body. 😌 Using a mixture of mobility, strength and stretch exercises, our Pilates classes are designed to ease aches and pains, improve your strength and control, and ultimately take care of your body. Pilates is also highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists to those who suffer with back pain, and we have seen many clients thrive as they become pain-free with regular Pilates practice. 😍All our daytime classes run with the school terms, with the next courses starting after the May Half Term.Here's all the Course Details!🧡 Mondays at K Fit Studio, 9.15-10.15am - 2 spaces available, click here to book! ⬇️bookaby.me/kfit/whats-on/term/f5e3d17f-7175-4d0d-982c-b5b501400825💚 Mondays at K Fit Studio, 10.30-11.30am - 4 spaces available, click here to book! ⬇️bookaby.me/kfit/whats-on/term/dca2de23-9542-4a71-955c-d8fffb4b2d0d💙 Tuesdays at K Fit Studio, 9.15-10.15am - 1 space available, click here to book! ⬇️bookaby.me/kfit/whats-on/term/427ab2d4-b089-4f5c-a97c-a1be8b654711🧡 Wednesdays at K Fit Studio, 9.15-10.15am - 1 space available, click here to book! ⬇️ bookaby.me/kfit/whats-on/term/59005305-cbd7-43d5-a8ca-199a4f53c1bf💚 Thursdays at St James Church Little Paxton, 9.15-10.15am - fully booked!💙 Fridays at K Fit Studio, 9.15-10.15am - 3 spaces available, click here to book! ⬇️bookaby.me/kfit/whats-on/term/60220bc9-6606-44ec-ba42-12329be16615(Please DM on Instagram and we can send you the links for ease of use).All courses start the week commencing Monday 3rd June and are 6 weeks long, £51 course fee.K Fit Studio's address is Unit 1, Dairy Court, PE19 1DU. We have ample free parking at our location.Every class is mixed ability, and we offer different levels in each exercise, we welcome both beginners and the more advanced to come and join us. ☺️Please drop us a message if you have any questions, we hope to see you for a lovely mix of strength and stretch soon! 😍 ... See MoreSee Less
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