Pilates Pitstops: 30 minutes for Strength, Posture, Mobility and Headspace.

As they say, ‘time flies when you are having fun’. Doing my Pilates online session is literally the fastest 30 minutes of my day, it seems that once I have started it, before I know it, it is finished! Kat is a brilliant instructor, with excellent coaching points; making it easy to visualise what you should be doing. Sometimes it is like she is in the room with me as she knows all or the common errors, it’s like she can see me, and she has great ways of rectifying any errors. Clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor. I have thoroughly enjoyed the class and have really felt the benefit both mentally and physically. Being a teacher myself I have recently started spending a lot more time sitting at a desk, looking at a screen. Doing the Pilates has felt like I’m resetting by back each time (I love the roll downs). It has also helped me clear my head at the end of the day. The lifetime access has meant I have been able to use the video as often as I like and it allows me to do the class at a time that suits me (once the little one is asleep), the flexibility is great. I would most definitely recommend this course for complete beginners like me. It is now just part of my daily routine.

Feedback from Pilates Pitstop client Kathryn Whittler.

Pilates Pitstops is my ultimate selection of Pilates classes where strength, mobility, and posture are the key focuses. Each 30 minute session refreshes the body and allows head space for the mind. Suitable for all levels, the 12 classes progress from beginner to advanced. You can choose to sign up to the beginner, intermediate or advanced sections, or sign up to the full course.

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Here’s everything that is included when you sign up to Pilates Pitstops!

  • A progressive course of 30 minute Pilates classes designed for all abilities and delivered by Katrina Hyland, head of K Fit
  • Bonus tutorial videos where we break down the movements further, so you can gain more control over the precision of your movements
  • Your very own Fitness Diary to record your workouts and hold you accountable (and it’s pretty – yes that helps!)
  • Downloadable goodies to help you set goals, track your progress and learn more about Pilates practice
  • Email support along the way to help you stay motivated and keep working at your new routine
  • No extra kit needed- just a mat, or you can use a towel as an alternative
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the above – pay once, keep forever!! Regular practice is key, so the more your repeat your classes, the better!

Get ready to focus on you – you and your body deserve it.



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