K Fit Club Big Workout Bundle

Our Big Workout Bundle gives you access to our huge archive of K Fit Club workouts!! The K Fit Club was our online membership site which we ran from 2017-2022, and over that time we recorded and delivered over 200 workouts to our online clients. Now that the Club is closed, you can pay this one-time fee for unlimited access to all of these workouts!

We have a huge variety of sessions for you to try, including;

  • Pilates
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • Kettlebells – including an introduction, regular kettlebell sessions and KettleHIIT sessions!
  • Resistance Band Contrology
  • Booty Band Blasts
  • Deep Tissue Pilates
  • Cardio Boxing
  • Bodyweight Blasts
  • Hula Hooping

The list goes on!

All of our sessions are mixed ability, and level options will be offered through your workouts. The class times vary too, so you can find a class which suits the amount of time you have available. With over 200 classes to choose from, you can get stuck in and find which style of class suits you best. If you struggle to get to a local fitness class, or if you would like the mix of at-home and face-to-face classes, try our Big Workout Bundle!



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