Have you ever struggled to keep a workout regime going?

It’s all good when you first start, but after a while that motivation can slip and life gets in the way.

Before you know it, the workout routine is gone before you even had the chance to see the real benefits.

Well, here’s the answer!!


At the K Fit Club you get instant access to online K Fit classes of all varieties, styles and lengths of class, so that the workout regime fits into your schedule!

Your new fitness journey starts today!

For just £19 per month you get;

Monthly workout bundles – every month we will give you BRAND NEW workouts to try of many different fitness styles, including Pilates, HIIT and much much more.

  • Nutritional top tips from Sarah, our Foodie!
  • Access to a whole library archive of K Fit workouts and Foodie Tips to freshen that motivation and keep you on top form
  • Weekly LIVE workouts for all our club members to join in with together (you need a Facebook account for this feature!)
  • Support and motivation from myself and Sarah within our very own #KFitClub members-only area

Suitable for all abilities – whether you have experience, or you’re just starting your fitness journey, The K Fit Club will give your workout routine a boost!

Sign up today, and get your first month FREE!

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