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2 days ago

K Fit
Friday Feels - remember this!! Keep active to help you stay physically and mentally healthy and happy, and don’t worry what ‘your healthy’ looks like. ☺️😍 ...
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6 days ago

K Fit
Sending you lots of lovely Well Wishes on another gorgeous Monday! 😍Last week we kicked off all of our Daytime Pilates and Bootcamp courses, as well as recommencing our full evening timetable. And we’re here this week, ready to do it all again!! 😅Keep living that healthy lifestyle! 🙌🏼😅💪🏼🔥kdanceandfitness.co.uk/timetable ...
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1 week ago

K Fit
Class bookings for our next 4 week block are nowwww OPEN! 😁Our next 4-weekly booking block for our evening classes starts from Monday 21st June. Did you know, if you book 4 weeks in advance you can receive 10% off your class prices?? 🤑All of our hall spaces are given out on a first come, first served basis, so please do get booking if you want face to face classes. To see everything that’s available, click below! ⬇️KDanceAndFitness.co.uk/timetableRemember you can join us via video stream too, so if your class is full or you’d prefer to exercise at home for now, you can! 🙌🏼❌ Class Cancellations! ❌A couple of classes are cancelled in this block due to annual leave! These are the details;K Fit Ballet on Wednesday 30th JuneAb Attack & Zumba on Thursday 1st JulyEVERYTHING else is running! 😅If you’d like any more information on the classes on our timetable, or any recommendations based on what your fitness goals are, please drop us a message. We can’t wait to see you in a class or online soon! 😁💪🏼🔥 ...
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All our classes are based on a mixed ability level, so whether you are experienced or are coming to a class for the first time, you can achieve the workout you are looking for!!

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    All classes on the K Fit timetable running online through lockdown.

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